Why do I need a Professional to Design my Website?

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There are so many programs and platforms out there for non-technical persons to use in order to publish text or images on a webpage. However, that doesn’t mean everyone is good at maximizing the impact of your company’s web presence. A positive, cohesive brand experience on your business’ website is as important as being prepared and looking the part when meeting a customer or client for the first time. You wouldn’t go to an important business proposal meeting in shorts and a tee shirt. You should take your web appearance just as seriously, as this may be the first and perhaps only impression many customers will get of your business and its offerings.

Organization of Information

The way you present information on your site is crucial to user-friendliness and brand experience on your site. If customers and clients can easily and quickly get what they need from your website, that positive experience will carry over to their overall opinion of you and your business. An experienced web designer knows the best way to present important information on your home page and other pages. Using Flash capabilities, call-to-action buttons, interactive menus, and other professional-level web design elements can add value to your web presence.


Your website is more than just a virtual poster of your business’ offerings — your website can offer eCommerce, premium content, customer login, company calendar, webmail, event registration, service request forms, newsletters, marketing integration, and so much more. With an experienced web professional setting up your internet presence, all of these advanced capabilities can be smoothly added to your site, giving customers the impression that your business is up to date and on top of the times.

Social Media Integration

The social media revolution has changed the way people interact, both with each other and with companies. Today’s web audience expects to be able to interact with a business on a personal level, heightening brand experience from a one-way information dissemination process to an interactive, two-way relationship of sharing information and providing feedback. Failing to take advantage of the opportunities that appropriate use of social media can bring to your business will cost you in the long run. Count on a web design professional to seamlessly integrate RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks with your business’ website.

Search Engine Optimization

Today, a potential customer usually begins their search for where to spend money on an online search engine like Google or Bing. Your website should be designed to make sure that your business is on the top of this list when customers are looking for your products or services. A professional web developer can help optimize your website so that internet traffic in your industry and area will lead customers straight to your business.


While there are countless resources for business owners or other individuals with no web design experience to learn how to do all of the above crucial points to web design, why would you waste valuable work time learning a skill you will only use once? Save your time and your employees’ valuable time doing what you do best — running your business – and have a professional web developer create and maintain your website, so you can succeed to the maximum on both fronts.

Return on Investment

History shows that business owners who try to create and maintain their own web presence usually fall behind the curve. Even if your initial setup works for your business, it can be difficult to keep up with website updates, platform changes, and other maintenance tasks while also running a business. You may spend hours of precious time working on a project to achieve a mediocre result. A web design professional specializes in making you and your business look good online. You wouldn’t try to sew your own suit for a job interview or redo the plumbing in your house yourself. You would call a tailor and plumbing contractor.

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