Private Hosting is your Exclusive Gateway on the Web

Private Hosting provides your own private server to host your website on. This means you have increased access to resources, don’t have to worry about how other sites on your server are performing, and generally have greater uptime and resilience than Shared Hosting Plans.

We provide high-quality Private Hosting at an affordable price-point. If you are a small to medium-sized business or organization, we recommend a Private Hosting Plan to keep things on track without the interference or slow-downs that Shared Hosting can cause. These plans also come with increased resource limits, allowing your website to really shine and perform well when users go to view the website or perform functions on it. This also helps with Search Engine Optimization, because a website that is performing better on server resources actually gets preferential treatment by Google’s algorithm, helping your website to climb the search results more easily.

If you find that your website is underperforming, or if you are hitting resource limitations such as storage space, bandwidth, database limitation and the like, then a Private Hosting Plan is just what you need! Contact Us to get Premium Private Hosting today!